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Northampton Sets Wind-Energy Standards

September 30, 2011—After months of discussion and hearings, the Northampton County Board of Supervisors has reached a decision regarding the standards for wind-energy facilities, including test and energy-producing units.… Read More.

Wind Turbine Research Underway in Somerset County

March 14, 2011—Green energy companies are scoping out land in Somerset County for the possible construction of wind turbines. As WBOC's Tony Hurst reports, some landowners there could be key in bringing those companies to the Eastern Shore.… See More.

Bethlehem Authority moving forward with plans to produce wind energy on watershed lands

February 22, 2011—After almost two years of research, the Bethlehem Authority has selected a wind energy production partner.… Read More.

Towers and Signs Occupy Planners' Discussions

January 6, 2011—The Northampton Planning Commission moved forward with plans for a public hearing regarding proposed metoerological (MET) towers… Read More.

Commissioners Told "An Ill Wind Blows No Evil"

November 5, 2010—The Northampton Planning Commission continued its study of how best to harness the wind.Speaking for Delsea Energy, Deborah Renz fielded questions regarding a proposed… Read More.

Wind Power's, Location, Location, Location

October 21, 2010—Renewable Energy: Small local breezes may cost less to harness than distant high winds— Wind is the fastest growing renewable power source in the U.S., but it faces an expensive dilemma:… Read More.

Bethlehem Authority plans to raise millions from its massive watershed

October 3, 2010—BETHLEHEM— Saddled with a $110 million in debt, Bethlehem Authority has a plan to make money selling the only thing it really has: nature… Read More.

PRESS RELEASE— Delsea Energy to Develop Renewable Energy Park in Pennsville Township

August 20, 2010— PENNSVILLE, NJ— Pennsville Township has announced that Delsea Energy has been selected to redevelop the Township's closed landfill… Read More.

Authority weighs wind farm plan

November 29, 2009—Conservationists laud the idea, but turbines could harm birds, bats, some wildlife experts fear… Read More.

Interior Department: Offshore
Wind Energy Could Power the Country

April 8, 2009—Meanwhile, a new contender has entered the race to develop the first offshore wind power facility in the United States. Delsea Energy LLC is planning to install 100 wind turbines or more… Read More.

Welcome to Delsea Energy

Delsea Energy is New Jersey based and rapidly growing renewable energy company that owns, develops and operates wind energy facilities. Delsea Energy is engaged in, and solely focused on, the production of clean, renewable sources of wind energy in many regions of the United States.

Delsea Energy believes the most successful projects are achieved by partnering with the landowners and the surrounding community. We strive to maintain an open- door policy that allows us to address the concerns and to communicate effectively with the communities where our projects are located.

Delsea Energy is committed to protecting the environment for future generations by providing clean power at a reasonable cost. Our company vision is to be a leading supplier of clean, renewable energy from environmentally responsible windparks that will be a source of pride and a benefit to the communities in which they are located and to the environment, as a whole.

Got Wind? Got Land?

Delsea Energy is always interested in meeting new landowners and forming new relationships. Our team has the experience and resources to identify and determine whether you are located in a region that is eligible for renewable energy. If you are interested please forward us your information to

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